Inspirecastle Group, a new CIC formed in Crawley aimed at providing more accessible options for supervised play at The Millpond Adventure playground has launched its new Logo.

The Millpond Adventure, in Bewbush, was earmarked to be mothballed last year by Crawley Borough Council, that was until Natalie Campbell launched an online petition to save the playground. After receiving over 6,000 signatures and lots of support locally, the council bowed to public pressure and agreed to leave the Millpond Open as an “Unsupervised” playground, along with the Cherry Lane site in Langley Green.

InspireCastle Group was formed off the back of this campaign, and are currently in negotiations with the Council to lease the buildings within the play area to provide supervised activities for families across the local area.

The Inspire Castle team.

They reached out to Waterfield School in Bewbush and asked the children to design a new logo for the CIC.

Winning design by Courtney Morris in Year 6.

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