Today the council released the below press release:

Millpond playground works underway

Crawley Borough Council has now commenced works at the Millpond adventure playground to rejuvenate and improve the play area in preparation for this being redeveloped and reopened as an unsupervised play area.

These works are aligned to the inspection report undertaken which identified that many of the pieces of equipment, including the castle structure, had either reached the end of life and/or were not appropriate for an unsupervised play area and needed to be removed or replaced. The council will be sharing proposed plans for the new play area with the local community in due course for comments.

Crawley Borough Council is also continuing to work with a local community group, Inspirecastle, to support them in developing activities on the site over holiday periods once the site reopens.

Councillor Chris Mullins, Cabinet member for Wellbeing at Crawley Borough Council, said: “We’re pleased to have commenced the redevelopment of Millpond playground and are looking forward to speaking to local residents in due course to get their thoughts on plans for the new play area.”

We at Inspire Castle Group are extremely excited to see things moving forward with the works needed, which means we can start moving forward with our plans.

Over the coming weeks our team will be seeking additional sources of funding, local support groups who we can link in with and local businesses who wish to support our efforts in bringing supervised services back to the Millpond.

This week has been a great week for our new little CIC, not only did our heart and soul (Natalie Campbell) win the Community Champion award at the local Community awards, but we can now really start looking to the summer and planning our next moves!